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Calling All Little Princesses
Play With Your Favorite Princess Daily Online
Our princesses are here to play with you for an hour every day!
And, every day you get to play with a NEW PRINCESS!
Parents Rejoice!
The Princess Is Here To Entertain Your Child.
Introducing: The Virtual Princess
With our program, every single day, your little one can log online for an hour and complete a project, read a story, sing and dance and learn a positive message from a new princess of the day.  
Learn New Words
Everyday Your Princess Will Read A Super Cute Story
Sing & Dance 
Your Princess Will Sing & Move Everyday With You
Arts & Crafts
Learn How To Make The Most Adorable Little Craft Projects
Positive Messages
Learn Happy New Thoughts & Actions From Your Princess
Our princesses are real princesses from our studio located in Ohio.  And, with the pandemic, we've had to close our doors so we decided to take the fun online! 

And now, for way less than the cost of visiting our studio, you can get access to a princess every single day! 

Parents, this has been so much fun for the kids!  They are not only learning, but also having fun, moving & dancing, being creative and laughing while interacting online.  

And our princesses love to get to spend time playing!

And right now, you can lock in our introductory offer. Normally $47/mo | Only $27/mo for 30 hours of fun!
Bring joy, laughter, fun and creativity into your home everyday for a fraction of the cost of a babysitter.
When you sign up for our virtual princess program, you will pay only 90 cents a day!
So your little one will get to interact for one hour each day for only 90 cents.  
And you get a new princess every single day for the entire month!  
Even on the weekends!

Here's how it works...
 Click the green button.
 Sign up for our grand opening offer of just $27 per month.
 You'll get an email with a link to our private Facebook Community where the princess will be live everyday at Noon EST.  You can also catch the playback.
 You will also receive a list of the craft items you will need.  
You can see the list here too: PRINT YOUR CRAFT LIST
 And, your little one can jump in right away and start having fun!
 And, you will lock in this LOW offer of only $27 per month which will renew every 30 days.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose and tons of happiness & joy to gain.
And let's be honest, parents, you deserve a little break.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Reviews of our studio: If your daughter loves princesses, this will be a dream come true! It's beautiful and fun and everyone is so friendly! You won't be disappointed! Your daughter will remember it forever!
Tara B. - Mom to five
Reviews of our studio:  The studio was adorable, and the activities were fun and kept her busy. Everyone was so friendly, and the cake was AMAZING!! When we left she asked when we could go back and if she can have her birthday there. We’ll definitely be back!
Nichole D. - Mom to two
Reviews of our studio: We love coming to Studio Pink Fairytales princess parties! We love the enchanting warmth of the staff and the princess's. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, professional and kind. The princess's interact with all the kids and the kids love it!
Barb S. - Mom to one
Reviews of our studio:  So adorable!!! We went to a princess party with Cinderella. The studio is adorable. The activities were super fun!! Crown making, story time, hide and seek (the crowd favorite!). The girls had a total blast while we chatted and had coffee. We can’t wait to go back!!! Thank you Fairy Michelle!!!!
Rachel J. - Mom to two
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  30 Hours Per Month With Friendly, Unique & Interactive Princesses
  •  Arts & Crafts Tutorials Together With A Princess Every Day Virtually
  •  Story time With Your Princess Every Day 
  •  Learn Fun Positive Messages From Your Magical Princess Every Day
  • ​Singing & Dancing With Your Princess Every Day
That's well over $450 if you were to come to our studio in person!
So, this introductory deal is incredible.  You'd actually be crazy not to ;)

The happiness, joy and fun are here for the taking.

So, what happens after 30 days?
If you LOVE it, you will be automatically billed another $27 for the next month.  If you want to cancel at any time, you can email us at
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if you try it for two days and decide it isn't for you, just send us an email and we will refund your $27.  So you can try it out for 48 hours to make sure you love it!
What’s next?
After you click the green button and register, you will receive a message that tells you how to log into the Private Princess Facebook Group!  You will also receive a list of the craft items you will need.  You will also receive these instructions by email. 
Try it risk-free. Enjoy fun, laughter and a bit of peace and quiet.
Can I invite friends? 
Of course, definitely share this page with friends who would enjoy playing with a princess every day.

Will there be a different princess everyday?
We have about 7 different princesses on rotation and we also take requests.  So, if you'd like a particular princess, just let us know by emailing us at

How many kids will be a part of this?
Because this is BRAND NEW and you are part of our introductory offer, we don't have exact numbers yet.  But we can tell you that THIS is the lowest price that it will ever be offered.

Can I buy this as a gift for a friend or grandchild?
Of course, you can! You will receive the log-in information by email.  When your gift recipient joins the Facebook group, they can mention your name and email address so we know to allow them in.

Can we request a private visit with your princess virtually or in person?
Yes, we do offer this as an add-on.  We have virtual one-on-one visits and in-person "distant" visits in the Northeast Ohio area.  To inquire, send us a message at

Do you have a trial period?
You have 48 hours to try it out. If you don't love it within those 48 hours, send us a message for a full refund.  
Get Started Today: Normally $47
ONLY $27 TODAY For A Full Month!
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